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"I was a "doubting Thomas" when I first was told about teleclasses.  When a friend shared with me that she took one of Betty's introductory classes and got so much out of it, I thought that I should at least try it. So, I did sign up for 5 of the 8 Joy Is In The Journey Classes.  Prior to the first session I thought that I would have difficultly in staying focused on what was being said, since I have trouble being still.  I also thought that I would be tempted to multitask while "listening."  I was quite surprised when neither of the above were an issue for me.  I followed along, taking notes when appropriate and interacted with the group.  These classes are just like being present in a small intimate group of woman in a comfortable setting.  I have gained much from Joy Is In The Journey  teleclasses--I now can go back and reread the book and glean further.  I am looking forward to the three classes on the Serenity Prayer."

Ellen G., New York    

"My family and friends have raved about Betty for the last year.  I have always wanted to attend a retreat, however my work schedule made this difficult.  When I was introduced to the teleclasses I was excited that weekly I could enjoy the journey.  Each week we explored topics and I left feeling renewed.  This is a perfect forum for a person on the go who is dedicated to taking time for joy.  I believe this is the best gift I have ever purchased for myself.  Thank you. "

Barbara M., Pennsylvania

"This was my 1st time for trying teleclasses, and I loved the freedom and opportunity it provided.  As for the content, it was exactly what I needed to move forward at this stage.  It clarified for me the differences between Healing and Letting-Go.  Betty has found the gems in many areas, and put them plainly enough to understand clearly.  Then there are simple, concrete steps to moving through crisis & change.  Things I've learned in both therapy and 12-step programs were put together into a cohesive whole.   Many thanks to a talented lady."

Ann D., Maine

"I have been graced with 20+ years in the Al-Anon program and have grown through Psycotherapy, Spiritual  Development and teachings from many self-help books.  However, life keeps happening and it appears I'll always need the next "teacher" sent my way.  Betty Hill Crowson and her book "The Joy is in the Journey" has been  the next step in my life's journey.  Her wisdom is palpable both in her presence and through her  presentations.  If you keep saying you want good for yourself- this is it. Read the book, take the teleclasses and ENJOY  the  journey! "

Maureen R., Connecticut