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2023 Retreats Coming Up

(keep checking back; more is continually added)

May 12-14

Paths to Recovery

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center

Biddeford, ME

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June 23-26th

"Aging - A Privilege and A Challenge"

Genesis Spiritual Center, Westfield, MA

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August 17-22nd

"Woman's 5-Day Journey through Healing"

Genesis Spiritual Center, Westfield, MA

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September 9-10th

Woman's Recovery Retreat

Eastern Point Retreat House, Gloucester, MA

(The cost of this retreat is $425 and when you go to register, please note that you only need to fill out the fields that have as asterisk.)

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September 22-25th

Woman's Retreat (Topic TBD)

Genesis Spiritual Center, Westfield, MA

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Hear what women throughout the Northeast say about The Joy is in the Journey® Retreats!


Women who attend these retreats, many of whom come time after time, consider them life-changing events which have helped them to get unstuck, make major decisions, address underlying fears, heal, and move on into new and more meaningful directions. Suitable for all ages and stages, religious or spiritual orientations, these retreats work wonderfully in conjunction with 12 step recovery programs, life coaching, individual therapy, or simply as an emotional or spiritual tune-up.

Infinitely practical as well as spiritual in nature, each retreat has a specific theme that is carried throughout the weekend presentations, services, and rituals.

Here are some of the comments made by participants:

"Best Retreat Ever!!! (Even though this was my 6th retreat with Betty, I say this everytime I leave)!"


"Betty Hill Crowson is the most powerful presenter I have ever been with! Brings you from tears to laughter in a nanosecond!"


"Finally, I was able to get into one of these retreats as they fill up so quickly. Now I understand why!"


"I came on retreat with a specific issue I wanted to "figure out". And I had to laugh when the first thing I hear Betty Hill Crowson say is "there is noplace else you need to be, nothing else you need to be doing, and nothing you need to FIGURE OUT!!! "


"The Joy is in the Journey® retreats are so different from anything I have previously attended. They are not only spiritual, they are intensely practical. Betty doesn't just say "let go, or heal, or move on," but provides concrete steps for doing so. Finally, clear-cut directions for living."


"I cried the entire weekend. I was grateful to hear other women say they had done the same thing on previous weekends."


"Never have I met a greater group of women!"


"If you asked me to describe my retreat experience in one word: LIFE-CHANGING."